June 02, 2017

French Friday: Le Palais-Royal

June 2, 2017 (153/365)

« Photographier c’est mettre sur la même ligne de mire 
la tête, l'oeil et le coeur. » ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson

One of my favorite places to stroll in Paris is the Palais-Royal in the 1er Arrondissement. I love the juxtaposition of the 17th Century Palace that was once home to Cardinal Richelieu with the black and white Buren Columns installed in 1986. Besides reveling in the architecture and the sublime symmetry, it's fun to browse for vintage Chanel, Dior, and Hermès at Didier Ludot, have a chic lunch or a kir royale at the Le Nemours or stop for coffee at Café Kitsuné