August 14, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright: Buildings for the Prairie

"Tree of Life" Window from the Darwin D. Martin House (Buffalo, New York), ca. 1904 Fabricated by Linden Glass Company

August 14, 2017 (226/365)

"Art is a discovery and development of elementary principles of nature 
into beautiful forms suitable for human use." ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

"In celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th birthday, the Milwaukee Art Museum presents Frank Lloyd Wright: Buildings for the Prairie featuring a selection of the famed architect’s designs from the Wasmuth Portfolio and examples of his furniture, stained glass and textiles. Named for its German publisher, the Wasmuth Portfolio is considered the most significant collection of Wright’s early work, showcasing the breadth and beauty of his output. The portfolio lends insight into the master’s early development and affords the opportunity to see the evolution of the Prairie School of architecture." - Museum, Milwaukee Art. “Milwaukee Art Museum | Exhibitions.” Milwaukee Art Museum -- Exhibitions, Accessed 14 Aug. 2017.