August 18, 2017

French Friday: Angelina

August 18, 2017 (230/365)

« Une vie sans chocolat est une vie à laquelle manque l'essentiel. »
~ Marcia Colman et Frederic Morton

Angelina on the rue de Rivoli has been a treat for Parisians and tourists since 1903. The Belle Epoque tearoom was a favorite of Marcel Proust, and Coco Chanel, whose atelier is just around the corner on the rue Cambon, indulged almost daily in Angelia's famous le chocolat chaud à l’ancienne l’Africain.

At home, if I crave a beautiful French pastry, I visit Le Rêve in Wauwatosa. 

 Yesterday's choices, shared with a friend: Chocolate Raspberry Dome...
(pistachio cake, raspberry mousse, dark chocolate mousse, raspberry gelée, dark chocolate glaze)

and Gâteau de Caramel Salé (below)
(flourless chocolate cake, crispy caramel streusel, salted caramel crémeux, milk chocolate mousse)