November 01, 2017

Black and White

November 1, 2016 (305/365)

“Colour is everything, black and white is more.” – Dominic Rouse, photographer

November naturally represents an absence of color as the world turns brown and gray and the days get shorter and darker. Natural light becomes a precious commodity while artificial light distorts color and clarity. Last year, I recognized that I have often struggled with my November photographs as my work day begins and ends in darkness. So, rather than bemoaning these limitations, I am again embracing the lack of color by featuring only black and white images. When a day fails to present me with an interesting or beautiful subject, I will search my archives for previously-rejected images that can be improved by stripping them of color and focusing on light (natural and artificial), shadow, texture and composition. As Elliott Erwitt said, “Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.”