November 03, 2017

French Friday: Degas to Picasso

le 3 novembre 2017 (307/365)

“Il faut être absolument moderne.” ~ Arthur Rimbaud

"Beginning in the nineteenth century, Paris became the center of modern art. Artists from around the world gathered in its studios, galleries, salons, and museums and began charting a new course in art. They moved away from traditional subjects and styles in favor of experimentation and abstraction." ~ Degas to Picasso: Creating Modernism in France at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Today, I got a sneak peak at the latest installation at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The exhibit features 150 paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures by Manet, Van Gogh, Delacroix, Cézanne, Cassatt, Chagall, Pissaro, Picasso, and others, showcasing the evolution of modern art from Impressionism through Cubism.

No photography allowed in the exhibit. Don't worry, I Googled these!