November 17, 2017

French Friday: Saint-Sulpice

November 17, 2017 (321/365)

« C'est pareil pour tout. On tire des lignes droites et la vie fait des courbes. » ~ Katherine Pancol

The Saint-Sulpice church and surrounding square are located in one of my favorite neighborhoods of Paris. Unfortunately, since the publication of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Codethe church is overrun with tourists looking for the rose line -- the Paris meridian which figures prominently in the novel. I confess, I have been guilty of the same thing -- once. Although fictional, the historic, artistic, and religious allusions in Brown's Robert Langdon series are intriguing and entertaining. Against my better judgment, I just read Robert Langdon #5, Origin. It, too, was predictably intriguing and entertaining.

« Sous l'ancienne Roslin, le Saint-Graal nous attend
La lame et le calice la protègent du temps
Ouvragée avec art par les maîtres des maîtres
Sous la voûte étoilée enfin elle repose. »
~ Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code 

Seekers of the real Paris Meridian, which lost out as Prime Meridian to Greenwich in 1884, should be on the lookout for the Arago medallions. 135 meridian medallions are placed in a straight line from Gentilly in the south to Port du Clignangourt in the north.