March 09, 2018

French Friday: Mon Petit Chou | Odette

le 9 mars 2018 (068/365)

« L'hiver n'est bon que pour les choux ou pour faire gagner la toux. » ~ Proverbe français

On a cold, winter day last week, after listening to the bells of Notre Dame and browsing the stacks in Shakespeare and Company, we strolled around the corner to warm up at Odette. This fairy tale shop specializes in choux à la crème -- mini cream puffs -- in flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee, caramel, praline, pistachio, lemon, green tea, and “fruits of the woods." Chou is literally the French word for cabbage, but it is also a funny term of endearment. Calling someone mon petit chou is similar to saying "honey" or "sweetie" in English. On that chilly Sunday afternoon, we opted for hot chocolate and a vanilla chou while enjoying the view of Notre Dame from la meilleure table de la maison.

Odette, 77 Rue Galande, Paris