June 08, 2018

French Friday: Le Coucher de Soleil

le 8 juin 2018 (159/365)

« Il a fait la lune pour les saisons. Le soleil sait son coucher.. » ~ Psaumes 104:19

And so the sunsets on another school year -- my 24th in Pewaukee, my 47th overall. Endings are always bittersweet. There is the relief and the fullfillment of reflecting on what one has learned and achieved, and there is the anticipation and hope for what the future holds. 

To lightening the mood, I must confess that I struggled to combine French Friday and the last day of school in the same post. And if we're being truly honest, those of you who are familiar with Parisian geography recognize that this is a sunrise, not sunset! Well, when in search of a metaphor -- mixed in this case -- any port in a storm! Happy Graduation to the Class of 2018 and for those of us returning in the fall, enjoy some well-deserved time off.