September 01, 2018

You MUST Go Home Again!

 September 1, 2018 (244/365) • Marquette Alumni Regatta

They say, "You can't go home again," yet, I've always felt that home is a feeling more than a place. Ann Mah, states it perfectly in The Lost Vintage: “I had spent enough time in France to know that the words chez moi meant something a thousand times more profound than one's current home. Chez moi was the place your parents came from, or maybe even the region of your parents' parents. The food you ate at Christmas, your favorite kind of cheese, your best childhood memories of summer vacation -- all of these derived from chez moi. And even if you had never lived there, chez moi was knitted into your identity; it colored the way you viewed the world and the way the world viewed you.” (Mah, The Lost Vintage). I feel this way about Sturgeon Bay, about Paris, and about Marquette -- especially the Marquette University Sailing Team (MUST). Today's Alumni Regatta was almost rained out, but we got there in time to see the new fleet sail home.