C'est moi

... at home in Wisconsin, in love with Paris 

This space has become a place to express my creativity in both words and images. Five years ago, I challenged myself to take and share at least one picture a day, along with an inspiration or personal reflection. My Project 365 has taught me to slow down, to be present, to pay attention, to rejoice in the unexpected. Technically, I am learning about angles, focus, composition, and light. I feel inspired, dedicated, and so very blessed by the encouragement of all of you who follow my progress.

C'est ma vie! readers are creative, smart, kind, and predominantly female. They love photography, nature, personal style, food and wine, travel and pretty things. I post everyday and promote all posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google +. 

I will work with brands of all sizes to come up with creative features to promote your products, services, and events across my blog and on social media. To get started or request a media kit, email me (melindamlarson@gmail.com and let's talk. I'm flexible and creative and would love to hear from you!

Thank you | Merci!  XOXO, Melinda