January 28, 2015 {28/365} Colorful

"I never met a color I didn't like." - Dale Chihuly

Many view winter in Wisconsin as drab, devoid of color; however, I love our winter palate: the snowy white canvas, a steely blue-gray sky, the lacy dark branches of barren trees. Yet after a while, especially after a January thaw, I begin searching for brief glimpses of brighter color like berries or song birds. Today, the mild temperatures beckoned me to explore, but the only bright hue I found was the blaze orange of ice fishermen's jackets out on the lake.  Thwarted in my quest for natural color, I looked to art to satisfy my craving. Dale Chihuly's Isola di San Giacomo in Palude Chandelier II (2000) at the Milwaukee Art Museum never disappoints!

New Year - New Ideas

Happy New Year! It's time for a new challenge.

After 730 days of Project 365, I've observed that I tend to take the same images at the same time of each year. There were many repeats from 2013 to 2014, yet it was interesting to see how my point of view, my aesthetic, and my skills changed over time. Some days, there was so much inspiration that I spent hours editing and choosing just one photo of the day. Other days, due to lack of time or adequate light, I struggled to post an image that would satisfy my own requirements. In December, I tried photo-a-day prompts, and although I like how the suggestions helped me to hone my focus for the day, they also felt limiting. Sometimes I'd take pictures of something I loved, but they didn't fit the daily prompt. So this year, I'm shaking things up a bit. I want to eliminate some of the stress while still enjoying the creative process. I'm not going to require myself to post everyday, but at the end of each week, I will post a weekly wrap-up with at least seven photos, thus achieving a modified Project 365. I may decide to participate in the FMS Photo A Day project for a week, a month, or even the year, but I won't put undo pressure on myself to maintain it. The goal of the project has always been to slow down, to be observant, to be creative, to have fun!French Fridays were quite popular last year and I enjoyed featuring photos that I took in the past but never posted before. So this year, I assign a theme to each day of the week. Voilà, my ideas for 2015:

  • "MON DAY" MONDAYS - My day to post whatever inspires me, the things I love, n'importe quoi!

  • TECH TUESDAY - On Tuesdays, I'll mix a little business with pleasure, featuring tech tips and tools.

  • WISCONSIN WEDNESDAY -  featuring the beauty of my home state (favorite places, culture, products, etc.)

  • THROWBACK THURSDAYS - I will recreate an image that I've posted before, but with fresh eyes & new skill.

  • FRENCH FRIDAYS - Continuing my series of French language, culture, and images.

  • WEEKEND WRAP-UP - Photos of the week - My Project 52/365 Alors, on y va! Bonne année!