Currently • April 2019

“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.” — John Muir




  • Mrs. Wilson on Masterpiece - Ruth Wilson stars in this drama inspired by her own grandmother's memoir. When her husband dies, and another woman claims his wife, Mrs. Wilson is determined to prove the validity of her own marriage – but is instead led into a world of disturbing secrets. I wish there were more than three episodes. This mini series hooked me right away, but ended rather abruptly.

  • Les Misérables on PBS - I was a bit apprehensive about yet another interpretation of this classic French novel, but I was very pleasantly surprised. This mini-series is much truer to the novel than other versions. Since we have PBS Passport, we have been able to binge instead of waiting for Sunday nights. I must admit though that I have been singing the Les Mis sound track in my head the whole time (in both English and French)!

  • Huge in France on Netflix - I was not familiar with Gad, “the Jerry Seinfeld of France,” but this is pretty funny (if you can get past the inappropriate stuff).

  • “Chick Flicks” - In my version of the popular 2012 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post that was viral in the blogosphere, I admitted that “I read magazines while drying my hair (Sailing, InStyle, Real Simple, Milwaukee Magazine).” Six years later, I also stream videos. I have rewatched the entire series of Friends, Gilmore Girls, The Wonder Years, and Sex and the City (for the fashion, of course). I have also discovered The Great British Bake Off which is curious because I don’t bake at all. I’m currently between series and have been rewatching chick flicks that wouldn’t be popular evening viewing chez Larson-Horne, including Mamma mia I + II, The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, all of the Bridget Jones movies, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I + II, Becoming Jane, and The Jane Austen Book Club. I am no longer into click lit, and I think I’ve now OD’d on chick flicks — well, except Mamma mia; you can never have too much ABBA!

  • We’re still looking for bingeable series if you have any suggestions.


  • My garden: Everything is starting to come up. It’s time to spread fresh mulch, plant new flowers, update outdoor spaces…Isn’t spring exciting?

  • Another trip to Paris in October: The flights and the flat are booked (Want a sneak peak? Click here). This time, it’s a couples’ trip. Eric hasn’t been to Paris for eight years, and it’s been a long time since I was there in the fall. I love planning for different dynamics. Stay tuned for more photos and plans.


  • Flowers blooming in my garden

  • That first glass of chilled rosé on the deck (I mentioned that in March, but it still hasn’t happened!)

  • The Kentucky Derby (We’ve been invited to a party at Arlington Racetrack. I mean the hats alone…)

  • Seeing the tulips blooming in front of St. Joan of Arc chapel (I’m chaperoning a field trip to Marquette next week. Fingers crossed!)