Praise the Bridge



"Praise the bridge that carried you over." - English Proverb

...and back. We're leaving Door County today, but I have more pictures to share this week.

Duck on a Dock

May 31, 2018 (151/365)

"Sittin' in the mornin' sun; I'll be sittin' when the evenin' comes; Watchin' the ships roll in; Then I watch 'em roll away again; I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay; Watchin' the tide, roll away; I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay; Wastin' time..." - Otis Redding, Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Road Trip with Piper

October 22, 2017 (295/366)

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." -  Marcel Proust. Daddy and I have explored Potawatomi State Park in Sturgeon Bay hundreds of times, but today was Piper's turn!

Piper says, "When you're a good girl, you get ice cream! I like road trips!"


July 24, 2017 (205/365)

"Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh and laugh at love, love a laugh, laugh and love." - Bob Fosse

Today we say a final good-bye:

I love you and miss you, Mom, especially your kindness, your laugh... and your famous cherry pies!


December 8, 2016 (343/366)

“When you follow a star you know you will never reach that star; rather it will guide you to where you want to go.”  - Jeanette Winterson, Boating for Beginners. The Wisemen followed the star in the East to reach their destination, but some of us need more help navigating our way. What is buoying your spirits this holiday season? [Throwback Thursday photo - Sturgeon Bay, Winter 2012]


October 20, 2016 (294/366)

This week has been very hectic and I've felt a bit out of my gourd. But there's no school tomorrow and we're spending the long weekend in Door County. Some fresh air, beautiful foliage, crisp apples, long hikes -- I think that's exactly what I need to recharge and feel like me again.

“Relax. Refresh. Renew. Play. Sing. Laugh. Enjoy. Forgive. Dance. Love. Hug. Share. Kiss. Create. Explore. Hope. Listen. Dare. Trust. Dream. Learn. TODAY!” -  Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Tonight we're staying at the beautiful 

Foxglove Inn

 in Sturgeon Bay.