"Just a reminder that fireworks look even more amazing when you're not constantly checking your iPhone." - Anonymous [#ironic: iPhone photos of the 4th of July fireworks in Sturgeon Bay]

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

What a Character!

October 11, 2018 (284/365)

"As with the butterfly, adversity is necessary to build character in people." - Joseph B. Wirthlin

This rainy week has certainly been a character-builder, but orange you glad it isn't raining today? 🤣

Monday Mood

September 17, 2018 (260/365)

“Monday is the day that I start counting down to the weekend.” - Anthony T. Hincks

Inchworm 🐛 Earworm

September 10, 2018 (253/365)

ear·worm (noun, informal): a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person's mind.

"Two and two are four; Four and four are eight; Eight and eight are sixteen; Sixteen and sixteen are thirty two

Inchworm, inchworm, measuring the marigolds; You and your arithmetic, you'll probably go far

Inchworm, inchworm, measuring the marigolds; Seems to me you'd stop and see, how beautiful they are!"

Week 36 - Vision: Ordinary

September 2, 2018 (245/365) • Week 36 - Vision: Find beauty in the ordinary

"A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose." - Tom Wilson #dogwoodweek36, #dogwood52, #dogwood2018 #llamaphotobomb

Blossoms & Beagles

April 28, 2018 (118/365)

"Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.”

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Look at the pretty flowers, Piper."

"Would you like to smell the flowers?"

"No, Mama, I want to taste them!"

Week 17 - Creative: Humor

April 23, 2018 (103/365) • 2 Princesses

"I think every young girl at some point in her early life wonders what it's like to be a princess. Yet, behaving like a princess is work. It's not just about looking beautiful. It's more about how you are inside." ~ Julie Andrews

Week 17 - CREATIVE: Humor [Laughter is the best medicine. Make us laugh.] #dogwoodweek17, #dogwood52, #dogwood2018 • f/1.8, 1/160, ISO32

Earth Day

April 22, 2018 (112/365) • Earth Day

"The earth laughs in flowers." - Ralph Waldo Emerson. This year, in Wisconsin, it’s snowing. so seems the joke is on us! (This photo was taken on Earth Day 2017.)

Week 14 - Vision: Triptych

April 5, 2018 (095/365)

"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone." -  Reba McEntire

Week 14 - VISION: Triptych [Connect 3 images together, creating one image, to provoke a thought or tell a story. ] #dogwoodweek14, #dogwood52, #dogwood2018 • f/1.8, 1/120, ISO32

Week 6 - Vision: Alternating Rhythm

February 4, 2018 (035/365) "Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood." - Andy Goldsworthy

Week 6 - VISION: Alternating Rhythm [Alternate patterns of light to bring depth and rhythm to the photograph.] #dogwoodweek6, #dogwood52, #dogwood2018 •  f/1.8, 1/535, ISO25