Le Métro

My French 1 students are learning to navigate the Paris Métro as part of their virtual year in Paris. Kids from Pewaukee, who are completely dependent on their parents to drive them wherever they want to go, are envious of French teens who can use this excellent form of public transportation to travel throughout Paris. The Métro is an extremely efficient and practical way to get around Paris. Begun in 1900, fourteen lines criss-cross the city, delivering you within blocks of virtually anywhere in Paris usually within an hour or less. Gregor Dallas' Métro Stop Paris and this excellent article illustrate the history and artistic significance of several of the most famous stations.

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March 14, 2013 Photo of the day: "That's the ticket!

Paris Métro tickets don't look like this any more, but the old green tickets hold a special place in my heart. On June 28, 1997 in Sturgeon Bay, I met a really nice guy who asked me if I'd like to go sailing some time. Having just returned from Paris, I had an old Métro ticket in my purse on which I wrote my name and number. He called me the next day, and we have been sailing together for over fifteen years!