French Friday: Les Parapluies - Village Royal

« L'esprit humain est comme un parapluie : il marche mieux lorsqu'il est ouvert. » - Darry Cowl

Imagined by the artist Patricia Cunha, the exhibition Umbrella Sky is installed in Le Royal Village from February through April 2019. “Color life!” is the leitmotiv. About 800 colorful umbrellas, suspended in the air all along the passage, bring joy and vitality. Inspired by Mary Poppins, this poetic installation will not leave you indifferent. #levillageroyal #umbrellasky (Source:

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Le Village Royal, in collaboration with Galeries Bartoux, is pleased to present the monumental artworks of the Belgian artist Dirk De Keyzer. Discover a carousel of dreams and poetry from February 5th to April 28th, 2019. Like articulated puppets, Chevaliette, Zalangou, and Zalando seem to come to life at any time. With a recognizable style, both fantastic and universal, Dirk De Keyzer mixes cultures from all over the world with human feelings such as the quest for happiness, beauty and harmony.