French Friday: Vendredi Noir

(327/365) « Je dépense donc je suis. » - Descartes de Crédit 🤣

GL ceiling.jpg

Black Friday -- Non merci! Although I might change my mind if I could shop here (Galeries Lafayette)

GL interior

...or here (Printemps Haussmann):

Printemps Haussmann
Printemps Lobby ceiling
BMRG front.png


April 17, 2018 (107/365)

"It had been a Waco icon for nearly one hundred years. We couldn’t let a place with such a rich history be forgotten. I’m convinced that this place holds at least one memory for nearly everyone in Waco, Texas,"

- Joanna Gaines

French Friday: Les Réflexion

le 6 avril 2018 (096/365)

« Glace: matière à réflexion. » - Léo Campion. Of course the dresses and handbags in the Dior windows are beautiful, but it is the reflection of Paris herself that is most stunning.

Les Soldes

le 12 janvier 2018 (012/365)

« Je dépense donc je suis. » - Descartes de Crédit 🤣

Unlike in the US, sales in France are regulated by the government. The annual Winter Sales -- Soldes d'Hiver and Summer Sales -- Soldes d'Été are the only times during the year when French shops are legally allowed to sell items for less than cost and use the word sale or soldes in their windows and ads. The 2018 Soldes d'Hiver run from January 10 - February 20. Anyone want to go shopping in Paris?!

French Friday: La Lèche-Vitrine

le premier décembre 2017 (335/365) « Le shopping c'est mon cardio. » - Carrie Bradshaw.

Window shopping in Paris might be my favorite sport and the French expression for window shopping is the best -- faire la lèche-vitrine -- "to lick the windows!"

Dior - Place Vendôme

Dior avenue Montaigne

Snowy Birkins at Hermès

"With some decorations bought at Tiffany's"

"Puttin' on the Ritz"

Les Galeries Lafayette - avenue Haussmann

Printemps - avenue Haussmann, Hiver 2011

faire du lèche-vitrine (vt): Flâner dans la rue en regardant les étalages des magasins. Expression française du XXème siècle qui utilise la métaphore de lécher dans le sens de regarder ces vitrines de tellement près qu'on a l'impression de les lécher. En effet le verbe lécher est à double sens. Depuis le XIIème siècle, il signifiait passer la langue sur quelque chose alors qu'au XIXème siècle, il prend le sens de regarder de très près avec plaisir et admiration.

French Friday: La Galerie Vivienne

May 19, 2017 (139/365)

« La découverte est un plaisir aussi subtil et intéressant que la connaissance. » - Jacques Lamarche 

It's the middle of May, but today's wind chill feels like 34° F. This weather reminds me of one February afternoon in Paris. I was strolling on the Right Bank when it began to drizzle. To escape the chill, I wandered through the arcades of the rue de Rivoli and the Palais Royal until I found myself at the entrance of the Galerie Vivienne. I was familiar with many of Paris' covered passages, but had never intentionally sought out this famous 19th Century precursor to the modern shopping mall. With its mosaic floors and glass ceilings, its cafés, shops, and amazing used bookstore, the Galerie Vivienne is a treat for the senses, made even more delightful by its unexpected discovery.


February 21, 2014 Photo: "Indulgence"

"Every once and a while, a girl has to indulge herself." - Sarah Jessica Parker

Coffee by the fire, a morning at the salon, shopping and lunch with a friend...It's amazing how a fresh haircut, a manicure, a new lip gloss, and a little something sweet can recharge your spirit! Ah, just what I needed :)

Chic et bon marché

 October 5, 2013 Photo of the day: "Chic"

When I heard about French designer 

Catherine Malandrino's collection at Kohl's Department Store

, I was both intrigued and skeptical. Today, with my 30% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to see for myself. Overall, I love the French style of the collection although some of it borders on costumy and the quality is more Kohl's than Catherine. I did buy two cute skirts. I live in sweaters and skirts with tights and boots when the weather gets colder. The print skirt is artsy and features iconic Parisian images like the Eiffel Tower, the love locks, and a couple kissing. Everything was on sale, I used my coupon, and I received $10 Kohl's cash for every $50 I spent. The black pleated knit skirt is perfectly versatile and is also available online in French blue. I think I'll use my Kohl's cash to order it tomorrow.

Photos and video from Kohl's online