French Friday: La Lèche-Vitrine

le premier décembre 2017 (335/365) « Le shopping c'est mon cardio. » - Carrie Bradshaw.

Window shopping in Paris might be my favorite sport and the French expression for window shopping is the best -- faire la lèche-vitrine -- "to lick the windows!"

Dior - Place Vendôme

Dior avenue Montaigne

Snowy Birkins at Hermès

"With some decorations bought at Tiffany's"

"Puttin' on the Ritz"

Les Galeries Lafayette - avenue Haussmann

Printemps - avenue Haussmann, Hiver 2011

faire du lèche-vitrine (vt): Flâner dans la rue en regardant les étalages des magasins. Expression française du XXème siècle qui utilise la métaphore de lécher dans le sens de regarder ces vitrines de tellement près qu'on a l'impression de les lécher. En effet le verbe lécher est à double sens. Depuis le XIIème siècle, il signifiait passer la langue sur quelque chose alors qu'au XIXème siècle, il prend le sens de regarder de très près avec plaisir et admiration.

French Friday: Marché Avenue du Président Wilson

le 6 octobre 2017 (279/365) « À bon marché bon vivre. » - Proverbe français 

Now that it's fall, our local farmers markets here are getting better every week, but Paris' open air markets are a feast for all the senses all year long and a perfect opportunity for a French vocabulary lesson. 

des fleurs (f.)

des croissants (m.)

des œuf (m.) et du fromage

du beurre

des citrons (m.)

des raisins (m.)

des carottes (f.) et des oignons (m.)

des tomates (f.)

des champignons (m.) - J'adore les morilles!

des olives (f.)

des artichauts (m.)

des radis (m.)

des tomates (f.), des asperges (f.), du fenouil (m.)

des choux (m.) orange, verts, violets, blancs

des langoustines vivantes d'Ecosse

des escargots (m.)

des coquilles Saint-Jacques (f.)

de petites robes adorables

du tissu provençal 

la dernière mangue à Paris 🎵

Les Chaussures | Shoes

February 21, 2017 (052/365)

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." - Marilyn Monroe

I believe Marilyn is right. I'm packing for Paris and the hardest part is deciding on shoes. There's so much to consider: weather, comfort, Parisian style. I'm limiting myself to three pairs since I'm only taking a carry-on -- good thing my feet are small. These on-trend suede, pointy-toed flats by Pour la Victoire are great for days when I want to dress up a little.  They feel very Parisian and the mesh detail reveals just a glimpse of toe cleavage (ooh là là)! I also love the little glossary of flirty French adjectives -- in the feminine form of course (albeit sans appropriate accent marks). C'est chouette, n'est-ce pas?

French Friday: La Neige

January 20, 2017 (020/365) J-34

« Le bonheur est comme la neige : il est doux, il est pur et... il fond. » - Claire Malesset 

On yet another dreary rainy January day, my Google Photos reminded me that four years ago today, I was in Paris amid eight inches of freshly fallen snow! This is a favorite photo that I've never shared. Although, I hope for warmer weather when I return next month, I will never forget how magical Paris was sous la neige


Piper's Snake

October 27, 2016 (301/366)

"Every great story seems to begin with a snake." - Nicolas Cage. In most stories, the snake is the villain, but in this one, it's her snuggle buddy, her security blanket, her "binky," her doudou. Piper has been in love with her snake since the day we brought her home. The snake belonged to Roxie, Piper's Auntie, who gave it to her on the night they met. It has been washed and mended over and over, yet unlike most of Piper's many other toys, her snake has always been loved and respected. They have a special bond!